Encanto – The family movie

Set in Columbia, this new animated Disney movie revolves around the Madrigal family, where all the children have a special talent – except for main character Mirabel. Encanto is a relatable film about the pressures of fitting in, feeling as if you have no special talent and never giving up on family. The Madrigal family use their “special gifts” to give back to their community, but when the magic of the house it put under threat, it is Mirabel who saves the day.

This movie is rated PG.

The 355 – The action-packed movie

If you are looking for an action movie with strong female leads, The 355 will be right up your alleyway. After a top-secret weapon falls into enemy hands, a CIA agent tries to join forces with special agents from around the world. From psychologists to computer specialists to spies, four women now have to outsmart their common enemy and save the world. Expect plenty of explosions, emotions and fights, making it a good day out in the cinema for any action lover.

The movie is rated 12A.

West Side Story – The classic movie

Director Steven Spielberg has returned to reimagine his 1961 musical for the modern era, while still maintaining the original storyline. Tension between two rival gangs in New York, the Jets and the Sharks, is increasing. In the midst of the feuds, lead character Tony falls in love with Maria, the sister of his rival Riff. Will their love end the rivalry between the two gangs or throw them further into violence? Expect to tap your feet to the songs and be intrigued by the beautiful cinematography.

This movie is rated 12A.

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