Ann Devine: ‘The hassle and the money – we’re not even going to Mass’
Ann plays sleuth at the Stepping Stones ceremony above in the hall, writes Colm O’Regan.
29 May 2024 l2
Margaret Leahy: ready, steady, launch - preparing them for life beyond home
Summer is a great time to teach your teen life skills so they are prepared to fly the nest, writes Margaret Leahy.
29 May 2024 Ask Miriam
Ask Miriam: ‘how do I keep the peace at my sister’s hen party?’
This week, Miriam hears from a bridesmaid who is worried about how to manage two friends-turned-foes at her sister's hen party.
Health: with change in weather, farmers need to be more aware of lyme disease
Lyme disease can cause many long-term medical conditions if not treated early and now is the time to be vigilant about it as the weather gets warmer, writes Margaret Hawkins.
22 May 2024 Health
Ask Miriam: 'I don't want to ask my sister-in-law to be godmother'
This week, Miriam hears from a reader who does not want to ask her husband's only sister to be their baby's godmother.
15 May 2024 Ask Miriam
Mental health: ‘why more rural teens than ever are depressed’
As the landscape of youth mental health continues to change, it’s important to speak up and know what services are out there, writes Grace Hanna.
8 May 2024 Health
Editorial: every number behind the scoliosis scandal is that of a child in pain
Two young boys tell two powerful stories in this week's Irish Country Living. One is heartbreaking, the other heartwarming and our readers need to hear both, writes Ciara Leahy.
1 May 2024 Editorial
Aaron Thornhill: 'I can walk 2km with Mitch'
At Dogs for the Disabled in Cork, there’s no denying the power of puppy love, writes Maria Moynihan.
1 May 2024 Features
Anne Devine: Thursday nights are now for visitor watching
Those fancy doorbells with cameras just made life much more entertaining for Ann Devine, writes Colm O’ Regan.
24 April 2024 Damien O'Reilly
Legal: my son and his partner are living in my family home rent-free
Aisling Meehan advises a reader who is having an issue with her son and his partner – they live rent-free in her original family house and she wants them to rent or buy.
17 April 2024 Consumer
Children’s books bus tour from Malin Head to Mizen Head
The Whole Wild World Bus Tour will set off on an 1,400km journey to inspire young readers across the country and ignite their imaginations, writes Grace Hanna.
10 April 2024 Living Life
Margaret Leahy: ‘women in government serve as role models'
In a year with several elections, perhaps we could broaden our knowledge of candidates and vote for a more diverse government, writes Margaret Leahy.
3 April 2024 Blog