Ask Miriam: ‘my husband struggles to connect with our son’
Ask Miriam
A concerned mother reaches out to Miriam for advice for her husband who is struggling to connect with their son.
14 February 2024 Health
Parenting: let them eat cake... and enjoy it
As Lent is a time when many make changes to their diet, Rebecca Lenehan asks the experts how children can build a healthy relationship with high-sugar, high-fat foods.
17 January 2024 Education
Education 2024: what are the changes to student funding in 2024?
A number of changes have come into effect for college students regarding the student contribution fee and maintenance grant rates, writes Sarah McIntosh.
Welcome to a week in the country
Find out what caught the eye of the Irish Country Living team this week in the country.
17 January 2024 Features
Parenting: working to develop an attitude of gratitude
How do we instil a sense of real gratitude in our children? As it turns out, giving less is sometimes more, writes Rebecca Lenehan.
10 January 2024 Features
Ask Miriam: 'we were alone this Christmas and the grief came flooding back'
A reader reaches out to Miriam to as he and his wife navigate the grief of losing their child more than 40 years ago.
10 January 2024 Features
Planning a visit to Lanzarote with your children? Here's what you need to know
Travelling with your kids this year? A bit of planning always goes a long way. Janine Kennedy has some tips and ideas if you’re planning to visit the island of Lanzarote
10 January 2024 Travel
'While we’re sleeping it’s not just rest - everything is being processed'
A good night’s sleep makes all the difference but if children’s routines are out of kilter after the school holidays, how can we get back on track, asks Rebecca Lenehan
3 January 2024 Health
Backchat: family fun around a board game
Make special memories that will last long after the Christmas tree comes down by bringing back the humble board game, writes Margaret Leahy.
29 November 2023 Living Life
Katherine's Country: Ricky gets croup
While her grandson Ricky is sick with croup, Katherine O'Leary takes the opportunity to teach him how to take tablets like a grown-up and the little boy succeeds.
22 November 2023 Katherine O'Leary
What to buy the children in your life
Watch the children in your life marvel at these magical gifts this Christmas.
22 November 2023 Living Life
Desperate Farmwife: the quiet milestones we miss
Do you remember when your child first started singing songs or the first time they were able to spell their name? Our Desperate Farmwife wonders if her early years of motherhood affected her memory.
8 November 2023 Features