A joint venture between Claas and the German front linkage manufacturer Sauter has resulted in the launch of a new swivelling front lower link system to aid turning when mowing with front and rear mower combinations.

It has been claimed that the system reduces strips of uncut grass when mowing bends. Where slippage occurs on side sloping terrain, now the linkage can be offset to compensate this drift. The risk of running over the front swath is therefore reduced.

The linkage is capable of swivelling up to 30cm left and right. A double-acting spool is all that is required for use in the field while a locking block secures the kit like a standard linkage for transport. Lower links can be still folded up like before when not in use.


Once existing link arms are removed from the tractor, the swivelling links slot into the standard holders.

No structural changes need to be made to the front mower, meaning new and older mowers of all types are suitable for use with the kit.

The retrofit kit has been pre-fitted for use with the Claas Disco mower range and are suitable for use on Claas Axion 800 and 900 tractors as well as Fendt 700, 800 and 900 series tractors.

Claas confirms that the swivelling hitch kits are available in a limited supply for the coming season, with full supply available in 2021.