The new Commissioner of Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski has committed to a “strong” CAP with “adequate” funding, but has not committed to providing more money for farmers in the next CAP.

Speaking at the launch of Green Week in Berlin, Wojciechowski insisted that farmers were part of the solution to climate change.

“The European green is a chance and a great opportunity for farmers. To decarbonise our economy, we will need more biomass and to develop our bioeconomy,” he said.

A more environment-focused programme is expected for the next CAP and farm organisations have repeatedly called for an increase to the next CAP budget in order to help farmers achieve environmental goals.

CAP cut

However, a cut of at least 5% is expected to hit the overall CAP budget from 2021 and farmers will not be encouraged by the Commissioner’s tone in his most recent speech.

Many farmers are also fearful of the impact of Commission president Ursula von der Leyen’s green deal, as a draft copy of the deal proposes radical changes to fertiliser and pesticide use on farms.

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