Cork beef farmer Gerard Hurley has donated a 26-month-old Hereford bullock for auction next Monday, with all proceeds from the sale to go to Cork ARC Cancer Support House.

Hurley was inspired to donate the bullock to the organisation having availed of the services himself following his diagnoses with the illness in 2010.

“I said I would like to give something back as a token of appreciation to the services,” Hurley said.

“I had been thinking about giving back for the past 12 months but with the restrictions that came last year, it would have been too difficult to organise a charity walk or an event like that.”

Cork ARC provides cancer support services which include physical therapies, professional counselling and practical information for suffers and their families. The charity has the stated aim of reducing the distressing impact that cancer can have.

Successful treatment

Hurley underwent six rounds of chemotherapy and has been successful in his treatment.

“I have the all-clear now and am back as good as ever,” he commented.

I carried on farming right the way through

The Innishannon farmer swapped the family dairy enterprise for beef in recent years, never giving up farming over the curse of his treatment.

“I carried on farming right the way through, it did me well to be able work with the stock throughout the treatment. Coming from a farm, it is something you always want to keep up.

“The family were a great help on the farm over those times as well.”

The sale will take place at Hurley’s local cattle sale in Bandon Mart at 1pm on Monday.