Fallen stock collection and disposal services for farmers affected by flooding in the Gleneely and Owenkillew valley areas, will be provided and paid for by DAERA from Monday.

Eligible farmers are required to bring dead animals to an area of hard landing that is accessible by large vehicles. Farmers need to contact DAERA before 4pm on Thursday to avail of the support.

This can be done by contacting a local Divisional Veterinary Office on 0300-2007840 to provide details of the number and type of stock to be collected.

Herdkeepers are required to notify DAERA about cattle deaths within seven days, however the department announced earlier this week that it is taking a light touch approach to this rule for farmers affected by floods.

Farmers whose cattle drowned or are missing are also advised as follows:

  • If cattle have died and you know their tag numbers, notify the deaths in the normal way, using an MC1 document or using APHIS online.
  • If you don’t know the tag numbers of the animals, tell your local DAERA office how many animals are involved.
  • If cattle are missing, inform your local DAERA office providing the number of animals involved and, if possible, their tag numbers.
  • Where the initial information provided to DAERA does not include tag numbers, these should be provided as soon as you know them.
  • The Department is reminding all impacted farmers to submit their force majeure applications before 14 September, to ensure EU support payments are still received on land that has been made ineligible by the floods.

    Workshops on filling force majeure forms for farmers in areas affected by floods are being held at various locations by DAERA and the Ulster Farmers’ Union.

    DAERA also announced this week that it would seek permission from the EU to allow it to raise the level of advanced CAP payments made from 16 October from 50% to 70%.

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