The Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA) has stated “darlings of the business pages are slipping considerably on base milk price".

“Farmers supplying larger southern co-ops have noted the ability of processors such as Lakeland to better stay on target with the Ornua purchase price index (PPI) when compared to Glanbia and Kerry,” said dairy committee chair Gerald Quain.

Current Oruna PPI is 29.31c/l excluding VAT, based on product purchase mix and assumed costs of 6.5c/l.

“It was concerning to see that some of our larger processors were now paying up to 1.78c/l less on base price than their ‘Northern’ or ‘border’ counterparts, while also being several cents behind the West Cork Co-ops.”

Challenging circumstances

Quain stated “while no one doubts there are some challenging circumstances in the dairy environment currently – Brexit, to name one – it is important to remember that the circumstances are challenging for everyone".

“The processors, we mightn’t have expected, are handling the challenge notably better than others.”


  • Lakeland price is 29.2c/l, excluding VAT, for standard constituents of milk.
  • Glanbia price is 27.9c/l, excluding VAT for milk supplied at 3.6% butterfat and 3.3% protein.
  • Kerry Group suppliers will receive 27.9c/l, excluding VAT for July milk.
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