Dairy Trends: cheese prices show upward turn in steady market
Jack Kennedy
Cheese is the brightest light in a dairy commodity market that refuses to drop as the summer comes to an end and school is back on.
6 July 2022 Global trade
Dairy Trends: GDT down as Ornua PPI rises again
The global gauge of milk powder prices took a dip this week, as powder and butter prices in the New Zealand auction fell.
6 July 2022 Markets
Ornua June milk price tracker rises again
Dairy commodity markets while fluctuating are still generally positive as reflected in the improving Ornua milk price tracker.
Ornua member bonus lifts again in 2021
Ornua, the co-op that centralises export of product out of Ireland under the Kerrygold brand, has released annual results for 2021 and changed how it reports profits.
1 June 2022 News
West Cork Co-ops lead industry over peak milk
In exceptional times those that lead the industry take on more risk, but ultimately when the market is returning they are simply passing back what the market has delivered.
25 May 2022 News
Dairy Trends: GDT down a lot while PPI is up again
The Global Dairy Trade New Zealand-based auction took an unexpected dip this week, as prices crashed.
4 May 2022 Global trade
Editorial: a dairy co-op is about more than just milk price and profit
The long-term strategy developed by the board and executed by management must deliver on the purpose of the organisation.
13 April 2022 Editorial
‘Substantial’ milk price increase justified by Ornua PPI – IFA
The IFA has called on processors to increase milk prices to reflect the rise in the Ornua PPI.
6 April 2022 News