Today I have some tasty and nourishing snacks. The spiced chicken skewers are delicious hot or cold. They are also fantastic on a picnic or to cook on a disposable barbecue at the beach. Do remember to bring a plastic bag to take your litter home though. Chicken thighs are good value and full of flavour. They cook quickly and are very succulent, so work well on a skewer. And, of course, they are great in a wrap or a pitta bread. Instead of chicken, you could use turkey meat or pork.

We serve hummus as a canapé in the restaurant. It is great served with some breadsticks when you have friends over. Sometimes, instead of the red pepper, I use sundried tomatoes. This prawn and avocado wrap is an updated version of the classic prawn mayonnaise sandwich, which is still one of the most popular shop-bought sandwiches. Make sure your avocado is ripe. Just use a little gentle pressure to check as you don’t want it too soft or over ripe. Instead of prawns, smoked salmon is very nice too.