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Nessa Robins looks at ways to ease the pain of osteoarthritis through the foods we eat.
28 February 2024 Recipes
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Wine pairings with Ciara Leahy
Look for good acidity in your wine to cut through the richness of the porchetta, writes Ciara Leahy.
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Small steps can make a big diet difference
It’s well noted how small positive changes have the potential to make a big difference to our overall health. Taking that first step can often be the biggest challenge, writes Nessa Robins.
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Festive fancies with chef Shane Smith
What are you baking this holiday season? Chef Shane Smith is here with some sweet, festive inspiration
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Try some festive fancies with chef Shane Smith
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Gluten-free Christmas desserts
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Chef Philippe Farineau shares recipes from his childhood Christmases in France
These Christmas recipes are steeped in tradition - they just aren't Irish tradition. Chef Philippe Farineau shares recipes from his childhood in France.
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The ultimate Christmas baking project: make a gingerbread farm
Are you looking for a baking project for the whole family? Try building your own gingerbread farm. A Farmers Journal festive family effort led by Janine Kennedy with Dee Laffan and Martin Merrick.
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