The average EBI figure has grown from €17.32 in 2010 to €95.95 in 2018, figures from the ICBF show.

This equates to an average increase of €9/year.

The average EBI figure includes the following:

  • €28.8 for milk sub-index.
  • €37.64 for dairy fertility.
  • €27.52 for calving.
  • -€10.42 for beef.
  • €9.32 for maintenance.
  • €1.37 for management.
  • €1.63 for health.
  • There has been radical improvement in the figures since 2010 on the dairy side.

    “Back in 2010, the milk kg predicted transmitting ability was -11kg; this figure has grown to 51kg in 2018," according to the ICBF.

    "Fat kg and protein kg have also grown from -0.5kg and -0.6kg in 2010 to 5.0kg and 3.9kg in 2018 respectively.”

    However, the beef sub-index has seen a decrease from -€6.94 to -€10.42 between 2010 and 2018.

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