Since 2014, Egmont Agri has imported and distributed a wide range of mowers, tedders and rakes to suit your farming and business needs.

Egmont Agri offers both a range of disc and drum mowers.

SaMASZ mowers are of strong quality build and work exceptionally well in Irish conditions.

The mowers are cost-effective and offer exceptional value for money.

They have a unique breakaway system that when the mower meets an object, it can break back and lift up automatically and reset itself.

They also have a self-cutter bar - if an object goes in between two discs, it will sheer a key on the hole, saving the bed from further damage. All mowers come standard with quick-fit blades.

Egmont Agri stocks a comprehensive range of SaMASZ machinery parts in its new agricultural machinery parts store.

Egmont Agri can supply heavy and normal mowers. With over 50 butterfly units (with and without groupers) in the market at present, all cutting a substantial croppage each year, Egmont Agri is hoping to continue to further increase sales in 2021.

Egmont Agri offers a range of Metal-Fach seed disc cultivators, including the U740 Heavy Duty 3m seed disc cultivator, which is designed both for tillage (after ploughing and before sowing) and stubble cultivation.

Its robust frame ensures the stability and durability of the machine.

Egmont Agri Ltd also offers the latest product from Metal-Fach - the U710 seed disc cultivator, which is available in 4.5m or 6m working width.

Egmont Agri Ltd also imports the Metal-Fach rear discharge Falcon muck spreader and has been involved in the design of the machine to work in Irish conditions.

The muck spreader can be supplied with 1.5m/2m-wide beaters at the rear for exceptional spreading quality and width. Also on offer from Metal-Fach is a wide range of buckets, grabs and front loaders.

Egmont Agri is now offering the Cosmo range of Agrex spreaders and the full range of Cosmo equipment.

The section control, weight cells and guidance are powered by Patchwork Technology, offering an all-in-one system.

There is excellent value on the weight cell range, with variable rate spread, which has been tested over the last three years in Ireland.

Most recently, Egmont Agri has imported and distributed Swimer bunded fuel tanks from 1,500 to 10,000 litres suitable for farms, agribusinesses and plants.

Fuel tanks can be fitted with a liquid management and control system.