Ireland joins initiative to safeguard plant health
Niamh Murphy
Ireland has joined the #PlantHealth4Life campaign led by the European Food Safety Authority, active in 22 member states. The campaign aims to raise awareness about plant health and our wellbeing.
18 May 2024 News
Over 435,000 live sheep imported last year
The tonnage of sheepmeat imported over the past 10 years was at its highest in 2023 and 2022.
5 May 2024 News
Pragmatism governs UK border checks
UK import checks have started this week on a phased basis, which means the box is ticked after several postponements.
No suspension of Scottish log imports - Minister
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue was responding to a question asking his position on suspending log imports from Scotland due to the presence of the bark beetle there.
4 May 2024 News
Significant trade bonanza from any EU-UK veterinary deal
A veterinary agreement that went beyond the existing trade provisions would increase agri-food exports from the UK to the EU by more than one-fifth. Imports from the EU would also increase by 5.6%.
28 April 2024 News
Majority of Irish MEPs vote for trade support measures for Ukraine
Clare Daly and Mick Wallace voted against extending the suspension of import duties and quotas on Ukrainian agricultural products for another year.
23 April 2024 News
Jump in Brazil’s beef export capacity to China
Huge increase in Brazil's beef export capability to China increased by 50% with 24 more factories approved.
15 March 2024 News
Irish combine sales hit a 10-year high
Irish combine sales increased by 55% in 2023, recording a 10-year high in the process, Peter Thomas Keaveney reports.
28 February 2024 News
Opportunities and threats in EU trade deals
While an EU impact assessment on trade agreements shows that trade deals potentially benefit EU agri food overall, the meat, sugar and rice sectors are vulnerable.
26 February 2024 News
Watch: farmers spread slurry and crash through barricades in Brussels
Cheap imports coming in from Ukraine, rising costs, environmental regulation, farm subsidy supports and the price of fuel are among farmers' issues.
26 February 2024 News
Polish farmer border blockade intensifies
Poland, Greece, Italy, the Czech Republic and Wales, as well as Ireland, are among the countries where farmer protest were held this week.
21 February 2024 News
New restrictions on spruce logs as IFA demands ban
Minister Hackett announces additional protection against the potential importation of the bark beetle, but IFA maintains that a temporary ban is necessary, writes Donal Magner.
14 February 2024 Forestry