Northern Ireland
Sharp rise in NI factory throughput in 2022
Kieran Mailey
Beef and sheep processors in NI saw a big increase in annual throughput during 2022.
21 December 2022 News
Tesco's comments on Kiwi imports have local implications
A senior Tesco official said the retailer aimed to ensure that 100% of its fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy produce was sourced from “environmentally accredited” suppliers.
10 December 2022 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy: emissions measurement model matters for Irish agriculture
Some lines of production are so dominated by exports that the production-based measurement gives a misleading picture.
EU to ban import of beef produced on deforested lands
An agreement has been reached between the European Parliament and Council on imports and deforestation.
6 December 2022 News
Are maize imports on the rise?
Maize imports were at high numbers from May to September and overall maize imports seem to have returned to high levels.
29 November 2022 News
Used tractor imports down 31%
FTMTA figures show there were 2,243 used tractors registered by the end of October this year, compared with 3,259 units for the first ten months of 2021, representing more than a 31% reduction.
23 November 2022 News
Used car imports down by almost 15,000 cars in 2022
Used car imports for the year to date are down 26.6% (40,753) on 2021 (55,539) figures, according to SIMI.
9 November 2022 Motors
Lack of clarity on sanctions helps nobody
The complexity of EU sanctions and the numerous arms of Government involved means plenty of paperwork for importers.
9 November 2022 News
Imports of main cereals up on last year
Import levels of the main cereals have increase for the first eight months of the year. The grain is mainly used in animal feed production.
8 November 2022 News
Kerry Agribusiness also rejecting Russian fertiliser
The Irish Farmers Journal has queried some of the country’s main co-ops to determine if they have intentions to source legal Russian fertiliser.
28 October 2022 News
Government support of fertiliser imports this winter under review
Questions have been made in Government about how the measure being sought by importers might be funded.
23 October 2022 News
Brexit has caused fall in trade between UK and EU - ESRI report
It is clear from the study that Brexit has seriously disrupted Irish imports from the UK but has had no effect on exports.
21 October 2022 News