Reconditioned versus new Stanley and Rayburn Range Cookers

Stanley believes its range cookers are designed to last for many years, in fact decades. It is because of this longevity and the superior craftsmanship which goes in to creating each Stanley and Rayburn cooker that some people consider buying a used Stanley instead of a new one.

A reconditioned, or refurbished Stanley cooker may already be over 30 years old and made up of parts from different Stanley cookers.

Buying a used, refurbished or reconditioned Stanley or Rayburn can be full of pitfalls such as:

  • You can’t always guarantee that genuine Stanley parts have been used as some parts are exclusive to Stanley.
  • Just because reconditioned Stanley cookers have a Stanley badge, doesn’t mean the cooker is Stanley approved.
  • A Stanley cooker must be perfectly built and calibrated to work properly, and a poorly built Stanley will not run efficiently or deliver the right level of cooking temperatures.
  • Each fuel requires significant variations in cast iron internal components as well as the burner area and controls. It is not possible therefore to merely exchange a burner type to use a different fuel. Can you be assured that a conversion is successful and safe? – each new Stanley cooker is designed to achieve maximum performance from the fuel used and typically will operate more economically than a conversion.
  • There are problems and risks associated with buying a converted appliance. It has been reported that converted Stanley cooker owners were having a variety of problems, from ignition difficulties to dangerous ventilation systems.
  • Think twice before you buy a reconditioned Stanley or Rayburn cooker.

    Buying a new Stanley cooker means you get exactly the product you want, purpose-built.

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