Features from the Irish Farmers Journal

Crop insurance and farm subsidies still eclipse conservation in US farm policy
Claire McCormack speaks to Jonathan Coppess, associate professor of agricultural policy and law, at the University of Illinois, about the US Farm Bill and the Trump vote among farmers.
Global need to produce and protect environment
8 November 2023 Feature
Global need to produce and protect environment
FAO work shows that the debate isn’t about production or protection of the environment in isolation. It has to be about both, Phelim O’Neill writes.
In pictures: farming 100 Beefbooster cows on 640ac with minimum inputs in Canada
1 November 2023 News
In pictures: farming 100 Beefbooster cows on 640ac with minimum inputs in Canada
Seán LaBrie keeps around 100 cows and followers on his 'Difficulty Ranch' in Alberta, Canada. Claire Mc Cormack reports.
In pictures: inside 25,000-head Canadian cattle farm exporting beef to Europe
Up to 25,000 cattle go through the Cattleland Feedyards in Canada every year and the farm also has 15,000ac of ground for silage and crops. Claire McCormack reports.
4 October 2023 News
Agri jobs: pair of herdsmen sought for Meath dairy farm
There are a range of jobs available across Ireland for those interested in farming.
2 September 2023 Feature
No regrets: how one Dutch family moved to Canada and swapped pigs for cows
Claire McCormack talks to one Dutch family are part of a new wave of European farmers moving to Canada.
30 August 2023 Feature
John Caffrey – an appreciation
John Caffrey gave 43 years service to the Irish Farmers Journal, becoming for thousands of farming families the face of the paper as he travelled the country with his camera.
2 August 2023 Feature
My first job: Picking spuds, baby-sitting, coaching and packing peat
Will you be starting your first job this summer? Maria Moynihan chats to a few familiar faces about their memories of earning their first pay cheque.
7 June 2023 Business Sense
Virtual fencing: allowing cattle to graze where none had gone in living memory
Two farmers, Eileen Condon and James Gilmartin, recently took part in an NPWS pilot on virtual fencing for cattle.
31 May 2023 News
Tillage Management: Disease, beet sprays and BISS applications
Drier weather is helping to slow down disease in crops, but it’s busy for tillage farmers. BISS applications should be a priority this week.
24 May 2023 Crops
My Farming Week: Diane Lowry, Cullion, Co Tyrone
Diane Lowry runs the Slieveroe flock of pedigree Valais Blacknose sheep and was busy preparing her show animals for the 2023 Balmoral Show.
10 May 2023 Feature
Resumption of cattle to Libya should be ‘pressed vigorously’ - Haughey
Irish cattle and meat exports to Libya were banned in mid-1990 due to BSE. Live exports were valued at £20.1m in the first six months of that year. Amy Forde looks back at the National Archives.
8 March 2023 Feature