Features from the Irish Farmers Journal

Resumption of cattle to Libya should be ‘pressed vigorously’ - Haughey
Amy Forde
Irish cattle and meat exports to Libya were banned in mid-1990 due to BSE. Live exports were valued at £20.1m in the first six months of that year. Amy Forde looks back at the National Archives.
8 March 2023 Northern Ireland
Recovering from the hidden cost of TB
Portglenone dairy farmers Mervyn and James Kelso saw their herd depopulated in 2022 after an outbreak of TB.
28 February 2023 Feature
Sheep farmer protest to take place outside Dáil Éireann
The Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers Association will take to the streets of Dublin this Tuesday to 'Save our Sheep Sector'. Niamh Gunn reports.
How to breed a racehorse
What does it take to breed a thoroughbred racehorse and how much does it cost? Helen Sharp does the maths.
22 February 2023 Feature
Easily forgotten but Ireland was the Italy of the Five Nations
Opener for ten – why was last year’s Six Nations Championship different to every other one since 2015? Denis Hurley talks rugby for IFJ Junior.
22 February 2023 Feature
IFJ Junior: Enjoying the best of both bovine worlds
Oisin Thomas from Kealkill, west Cork got a big surprise in 2020 when his parents began renting a dairy farm.
22 February 2023 Feature
My Farming Week: James Carr, Ardagh, Ballina, Co Mayo
James Carr is combining playing senior football for Mayo alongside his job as a construction teacher and running a mixed drystock farm.
28 December 2022 Feature
IFJ Junior: common crane conservation in Ireland’s bogs
Can the Common Crane make a big comeback now that its natural habitat bogs are being rewetted? Niamh Kelly reports.
23 November 2022 Feature
IFJ Junior: ‘Don’t squeeze the udder too hard and you’ll be grand’
At the age of 11, Alan Fitzpatrick from Co Clare is already an able milker. He talks to Anne O’Donoghue about his favourite jobs and favourite time of year on the farm.
23 November 2022 Feature
The professor explains: What’s the craic with Carbon?
We are hearing a lot about carbon, but what is it and what is its role in the environment? The Professor Tommy Boland explains.
23 November 2022 Climate and environment
Making silos smarter with technology
In the final instalment of our innovation series, Stephen Robb talks to Barry and Eileen Finnegan of LvLogics about their innovative new silo monitoring system.
16 November 2022 Feature
The EU's policies will lead to food shortages - McCarthy
Cork-born tillage farmer Jim McCarthy has forthright opinions on food production informed by a lifetime of experience across different continents.
17 August 2022 Feature