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Contract heifer rearing- a win/win for both parties?
Originally created as a way for dairy farmers to simplify their system and reduce labour requirements, contract rearing of heifers is now back in focus with pressure on nitrates and stocking rates.
8 June 2022 Breeding & health
Keeping dairy beef calves healthy at grass
A healthy calf is key to hitting growth targets over the first grazing season in dairy-beef systems.
27 April 2022 Markets
Export demand underpinning traditional calf prices
Calf prices are steady if not spectacular, with exporter demand for Angus calves in evidence as Friesian bull calf numbers decline.
Friesian bull price up but beef-sired calves continue to slip
It was a positive week for Friesian bull calf prices, up €15/head on the week, while beef-sired calf prices eased by €5/head on average this week.
30 March 2022 Markets
Angus and Hereford calves back €20/head on week
Beef-sired calf prices slipped quite significantly this week, as more numbers start to come forward for sale.
23 March 2022 Markets
Reduced numbers of two-week-old calves in marts
Sellers are responding to buyer demands of a calf at least 50kg, which has seen the number of lighter and younger calves in marts decline in recent weeks.
15 March 2022 Markets
Creating a microclimate in the calf-rearing shed
Microclimates can help provide the perfect environment for calves in the rearing shed. At all times, farmers should try to provide a well -ventilated yet draft-free environment.
9 March 2022 Management
In pictures: Friesian calf price recovers after midweek slump
Check out the trade in Bandon mart today. Read the sale report here
7 March 2022 News
Dealing with scour and pneumonia in calves
Aidan Brennan has some practical advice for farmers dealing with sick calves this spring.
2 March 2022 Animal Health
In pictures: solid trade for Friesian bull calves
Tommy Moyles was in Bandon Mart on Monday for its weekly calf sale. Check out the trade here.
28 February 2022 News