The Irish Farmers Journal will host National Dairy Day on Tuesday 20 November 2018 in Punchestown Event Cenre, Co. Kildare. The event promises to offer solutions for a growing sector. The day aims to showcase all that is good about the dairy industry and find solutions for farmers to emerging challenges and trends. To get your ticket for the event, simply collect 3 tokens from the Irish Farmers Journal and bring them along with you on the day or buy your ticket

Keeping on the right side of the law with B&B movement records
Darren Carty
Animals moving farms in a B&B-type movement or under a shed rental agreement are generally viewed from a movement perspective as a permanent movement.
25 November 2020 Dairy Day
Dairy Day: highlights from virtual event
Jack Kennedy, Aidan Brennan and Stephen Connolly review Dairy Day 2020 – the virtual edition.
23 November 2020 Dairy Day
Dairy Day 2020: what to expect
Aidan Brennan outlines what farmers can expect to see from Dairy Day which takes place on Tuesday 24 November.
Watch: Farm Tech Talk - the Livestock show
It's late November but Livestock farmers still have important decisions to make for the winter months.
20 November 2020 News
Scour vaccine options for early calving cows
Jack Kennedy takes a look at scour vaccination and whether it’s an option for dairy farmers.
20 November 2020 Dairy Day
Healthy soils rest on three legs
Look after your soils and they will look after you, Andy Doyle told the audience at Dairy Day 2019.
8 December 2019 Dairy Day
Learn the grassland basics - IFJ grass training
Over 100 farmers across Ireland learned by seeing, doing and listening during 2019, writes Stephen Connolly.
7 December 2019 Dairy Day
Should tractor hiring be an option I should consider?
Gary Abbott and Eoin Lowry look at the options available and the costs involved when looking for a new tractor.
30 November 2019 Dairy Day
‘Beef farmers can’t be expected to take animals no one wants’
“One mistake by an Irish farmer could damage the whole industry irreparably," Dairygold chair John O'Gorman told the crowd at Dairy Day.
20 November 2019 News
Dairy Day: top tips for hassle-free calf rearing
Lorcan Allen reports on the main messages discussed in relation to calf rearing at Dairy Day.
20 November 2019 Dairy Day
Dairy Day: how to get there and what to expect
The weather forecast is good for Monday night, meaning frosty roads won’t be an obstacle for the thousands of farmers that make the now annual trip to Punchestown for Dairy Day, writes Aidan Brennan.
19 November 2019 Dairy Day
The milky road leads to Punchestown
Dairy Day at Punchestown 2019 is open to all farmers to come to learn, look, enjoy and discuss what is happening on dairy farming in Ireland and the world.
17 November 2019 Dairy Day