I live on a farm. My Dad is a dairy farmer. I love animals. I would love to be a vet when I am older because I love helping animals.

There are good things about farming because you are your own boss and you are always doing something different like during the summer you have baling, in spring you have newborns, but you also have cons like paperwork and you have to work long hours.

What I love about farming is you have freedom everywhere. Springtime is my favourite time of year because of the newborn animals. I also love spring because you get to see how much calves are making – it is very interesting. During the winter all the animals are put into a shed. I have three calves. Two were born this year – one a Charolais and the other a Belgian Blue.

My other calf is a Belgian Blue. She’s with an Angus bull and she is going to go in calf this year. This year, I got to bring calves to the mart with my Dad but we weren’t allowed in because of COVID-19 so we had to watch it online. It was very exciting to see what price they made.

At the moment, an AI company is interested in one of our calves. They might give €5,000 if he passes all the tests, which would be a lot more then what you would get at the mart. A Friesian bull calf would make €70 to €90 at the mart. In the future, I would like to breed more animals like this.