Farmer Writes: Roundup is a victim of circumstance
Gerald Potterton is concerned at the amount of pesticides which are under review and may be withdrawn.
Farmer writes: we are heavily dependent on technology
Spending one day a week on the road during the busy autumn calving season has made Co Donegal suckler farmer James Strain realise how much he relies on his satnav and calving cameras.
Farmer writes: rain at last and autumn calving difficulties
Joe Collingborn is going to Millstreet this weekend. Here he writes about rain at last, autumn calving and a recent visit a £1.3m project for 180 Irish-bred cows in England.
Farmer Writes: Charolais cattle on 300ha in central France
Marie-Ange Duchier farms pedigree Charolais cattle on 300ha in central France and is waiting on the rain to arrive.