Farmers' margins in freefall – CSO
The latest figures from the Central Statistics Office show a sharp decline in prices paid to farmers, while cost hikes accelerate.

Pig, milk and cattle prices fell behind last year's levels in August compared with the same month last year, causing a 6.6% year-on-year drop in the overall farmgate value of agricultural products, according to figures released by the CSO this Friday.

Pig prices were 15.3% down on last year, milk prices 11.1% lower and cattle prices 7.3% behind. Milk is reported at real fat and protein content. Only fruit and vegetable growers, including those with potatoes, saw year-on-year prices rise in August.

Inputs dearer

Meanwhile, the cost of farm inputs rose by 5.9% over the previous 12 months, including 1% in the month of August alone.

Feed prices were up 6.6% on August 2017 levels. Cattle feeds jumped by over 2% in the month of August alone. This doesn't account for the fact that many farmers have had to buy more feed as a result of the drought – let alone at higher prices.

Fertilisers increased nearly 10%. Energy costs were 15.2% higher than last year, with a 5% jump in electricity prices in just one month. This was before the latest diesel hikes.

Sprays, vet bills and maintenance costs showed more moderate increases.

The resulting terms of trade measuring the space left for farmers to generate margins declined by 4.6% in August.

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Weather hit to all farm incomes

The farmer's daily wrap: vet stand-off and counterfeit Landcruiser parts
Catch up with the headlines from the day and get a look ahead at tomorrow's weather.

Weather forecast

The west of the country will be affected by scattered showers overnight, according to Met Éireann.

Wednesday is expected to be a blustery, day with changeable rain conditions – ranging from scattered showers to hail throughout the day.

Atlantic coastal regions are expected to bear the brunt of the bad weather.

In the news

  • Gardaí recover fake Landcruiser parts worth €500,000.
  • Veterinary inspectors in factories are taking industrial action, which is having an effect on factory throughput.
  • IFA president Joe Healy has warned that there will be a knock-on effect if the national suckler herd contracts.
  • The High Court has placed a seven-week stay on a judgement ordering the detention of an indebted farmer resisting eviction from his land.
  • A number of dairy processors have set their milk price for November.
    LacPatrick holds milk price and adds winter bonus for NI suppliers
    LacPatrick has followed the lead of the majority of co-ops by holding its November milk price.

    LacPatrick Dairies has held its November milk price for suppliers both north and south of the border.

    Suppliers in the south will continue to receive 29.41c/l excluding VAT.

    Northern suppliers will receive 26.5p/l including VAT.

    They will also receive a 2p/l winter milk bonus for November milk.

    Last month, LacPatrick applied a cut of 1p/l to its October milk price for NI suppliers and said it was not in a position to pay a winter milk bonus.

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    Dairygold holds November milk price

    Gardaí recover fake Landcruiser parts worth €500,000
    Gardaí searched a premises in Monaghan as part of an investigation in counterfeit car parts.

    Gardaí have recovered up to €500,000 in counterfeit car parts, consisting mainly of Toyota Landcruiser parts, at a property in Drumgoose, Castleblaney, Co Monaghan.

    Jeep bullbars, tail lights, mud flaps and body panels, all bearing Toyota trademarked logos, were discovered by gardaí.

    The search was part of an operation investigating the importation and sale of counterfeit car parts.

    Gardaí added that no arrests were made as part of the search.

    Counterfeit Landcruiser parts.

    At the beginning of the month, gardaí recovered a large amount of stolen industrial plant, tools, trailers, vans, cars, engines and car parts with an initial estimate of up to €500,000 being recovered in Co Longford.

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    Gardaí recover €500,000 worth of stolen plant, tools and trailers

    Rural crime: ‘farmers require greater protection’