Northern Ireland
Profits halved at Glanbia Cheese
David Wright
Despite profits being down on the back of higher costs, Glanbia Cheese remains on a very sound financial footing.
7 September 2022 Husbandry
How will ACRES work for tillage farmers?
The new ACRES schemes offer many options designed for tillage farmers but will they be taken up?
31 August 2022 Northern Ireland
High risks with winter beef finishing
Kieran Mailey looks at the costs of finishing beef cattle on NI farms this winter.
Weakening of lamb prices must stop - IFA
Sheep farms do not have the capacity to absorb this level of decline in income, says the IFA.
30 August 2022 News
Increase prices or be left without winter milk - ICMSA
The ICMSA has warned processors that winter milk producers will switch to 100% spring block calving if milk prices do not keep pace with rising input costs.
24 August 2022 News
Thrive systems economics in black and white
Declan Marren breaks down the numbers behind the various Thrive systems to examine the profitability of a dairy-beef enterprise.
8 August 2022 Breeding & health
Thrive financials - can dairy beef be profitable?
Declan Marren takes a look at the financial performance of stock from the demo farm over the last number of years.
3 August 2022 Breeding & health
Policy will decide farmers' actions
The shape of Irish agriculture will be shaped by delivery of support structures, as farmers have to follow the money.
24 July 2022 News
Grain market and moisture deductions
Grain markets have turned upwards once again, but there is little certainly for now that this will remain the direction of travel.
11 July 2022 Markets
Watch: in search of the perfect work-life balance
Derek Robinson would like to be able to take more time away from the farm.
6 July 2022 Northern Ireland
National farm survey: how each sector performed
There is positive news for farmers from Teagasc's national farm survey, but the hike in input costs remains a worry.
15 June 2022 News
Editorial: increased risk must be shared across the supply chain
When it comes to forward pricing, farmers need assurances that if costs move outside of an agreed band, the fixed output price will move correspondingly.
25 May 2022 Editorial