Three Glanbia fodder planning meetings
Glanbia is to hold more fodder planning meetings for farmers next week, this time in Carlow, Wicklow and Cork.
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Cow ownership and not cash is the key to growing your farm business
As part of his 2017 Nuffield Scholarship, Galway farmer Bryan Hynes travelled to New Zealand to learn how dairy farmers in the country have been able to successfully expand their farm business.
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All rain still very welcome in Kilkenny
Not enough Kilkenny rain means it’s back to the first-cut silage in Greenfield, writes Jack Kennedy.
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Grass growth still below 10-year average
Average grass growth rates are still lagging behind the 10-year average, writes Aidan Brennan.
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€8,400 savings on Peter’s farm in Meath
Peter met the Smart Farming team at the National Ploughing Championships last September and decided to take part. A half day’s farm visit took place last month.
Vet's corner: flies contributing to disease
This unusually dry summer has seen more diseases that are associated with flies than normal, writes Donal Lynch.
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Aurivo and Dairygold set July milk prices
Aurivo and Dairygold have announced their milk prices for July manufacturing supplies.
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Prevention for Profit Competition – Have you got what it takes?
The preventative approach is much more rewarding than the treatment approach when it comes to animal health on your farm.
Now that it has rained……we may get more than we bargained for!
Rain was badly needed and now that it has arrived we can look forward to a burst of grass growth.
Liming – what a difference a year makes!
Trevor Boland from Sligo won a lime and nutrient management plan worth €2,500 in the 2017 Smart Farming Competition.
Your Association. Your Voice – Get Involved in IFA
The IFA is about farmers, standing together, supporting each other. I encourage all farmers to get more actively involved in what IFA does, to strengthen the IFA and ensure we are fully representative