A recent survey from Evoke.ie found that an estimated 44% of Irish women do not like to leave their homes without makeup on. Research shows there are two primary reasons. Firstly, women who are feeling insecure and in need of a confidence boost tend to use makeup to camouflage themselves or to blend in. In addition, women who simply want to feel more attractive and good about themselves tend to use makeup. Secondly, studies show that 48% of women believe that if they go makeup-free, particularly in the workplace, then they won’t be taken seriously enough.

It’s unfortunate that some women especially the younger generation feel huge pressure to look a certain way. This is particularly true in today’s society with social media and Instagram’s touched up, airbrushed and filtered photographs. I know that the night before a party my teenage daughters feel the need to get the tan on, nails done, fake lashes, hair straightened... hours of preparation.