Ask Miriam: 'It feels like I am invisible to my wife'
Ask Miriam
A reader reaches out to Miriam to ask her advice about his wife's busy social life and the loneliness he feels
15 November 2023 Features
Ask Miriam: 'Should I keep the farm in the family name?'
A reader asks Miriam's advice on something that has been troubling him: leave the farm to his niece, who is best suited to farming, or leave it to a nephew who will keep the family name?
8 November 2023 Features
Ask Miriam: "My husband is too obliging to friends and neighbours"
A readers writes to Miriam about a problem she is experiencing in her marriage - is there such a thing as being too kind and obliging?
Ask Miriam: "Retirement is not how I thought it would be"
A reader contacts Miriam to ask her advice about how to make the most out of her and her husband's retirement.
1 November 2023 Features
Ask Miriam: 'I am worried about my grandchild's spiritial needs'
Miriam recieves a letter from a grandparents concerned her grandchild's spiritual needs are not being addressed by the parents.
25 October 2023 Features
Ask Miriam: "My marriage ended and now my other relationships are suffering"
Miriam responds to a reader who is living in the aftermath of an abusive relationship and a difficult divorce.
18 October 2023 Features
Readers write: vacuum cleaner conundrum rumbles on
Reaction to a recent letter regarding the gift of a hoover for a significant birthday rumbles on.
4 October 2023 Ask Miriam
Readers write: Granny flats, gender reveals and vacuum cleaners
This week, Miriam hears from readers in relation to some recent conundrums; from whether or not it's a good idea to move in beside the in-laws to receiving a hoover for a significant birthday.
27 September 2023 Ask Miriam
Swimming to Success
In our final ‘Women in Action’ feature, business owner and swimmer, Aisling Brosnan discusses her journey from returning to swimming to tackling the English Channel, writes Sarah McIntosh.
27 September 2023 Features
'Start as you mean to go on'
This week, Miriam hears from two readers in response to a recent letter from a reader who was feeling pressure to move in to a granny flat beside her boyfriend's parents.
20 September 2023 Ask Miriam
Finance: gifting a site to a son or daughter
Jerry O'Neill outlines the important legal, financial and tax aspects you need to consider if you are planning on transferring a site to a son or daughter.
20 September 2023 News
Agri careers: carving out a dream career from the ground up
From veterinary nursing to farmer advocacy, Majella Mc Cafferty has built a strong career from continuous upskilling and learning, writes Sarah McIntosh
13 September 2023 Careers