Finance: The importance of succession planning and making a will
Sarah McIntosh
As part of our series on loss and grief throughout November, Sarah McIntosh discusses the financial and legal conversations we don’t want to have, but must start.
2 November 2022 Features
Meet The Maker: Oscar Lai of Ecoset
In this week’s Meet The Maker, Maria Moynihan talks to Oscar Lai, who runs Ecoset with his wife Sarah, selling sustainable water bottles and other reusable products
29 October 2022 Features
Top tips for keeping your pets calm this Halloween
Taking time to look after your pet during Halloween is essential for their wellbeing, writes Naomi Hamilton-O’Donnell
Health: more power to patients
Mistakes can happen in hospitals, so be prepared to speak up if you notice an error or something has gone wrong.
26 October 2022 Health
Hurt that my sister asked her friend to be godmother instead of me
I'm hurt that I was not asked to be godmother; I might not go to the christening now.
19 October 2022 Ask Miriam
Healthbytes: keep up to date with all the latest health news
Want a reminder of the health-related changes in Budget 2023 or tips on keeping the winter blues at bay? Margaret Hawkins has all these HealthBytes and more.
19 October 2022 Health
Adult education group AONTAS honoured with Hall of Fame award
AONTAS has been recognised for its contribution to adult education and learning.
12 October 2022 Education
Mary Keenan's Garden Diary: celebrating trees and getting started on planting
October is the perfect time of year to celebrate the beauty of trees; and to get ahead with autumn planting, writes Mary Keenan.
5 October 2022 Gardening
I want to leave him; but where would I go?
Dear Miriam, I think I would rather be penniless and happy than put up with my husband's mood swings any longer.
5 October 2022 Ask Miriam
Our daughter has come out as gay; how can we support her?
Dear Miriam, my daughter has come out as gay, but I worry for her future. How can we support her?
28 September 2022 Ask Miriam
Steps to success: the joy of a routine
Getting back to normality after a busy summer has its benefits, writes entrepreneur and small business expert Caroline Murphy.
28 September 2022 Careers
21 day walking challenge: the final stretch
In the last instalment in our 21 day walking challenge, physiotherapist and health writer Stephen O'Rourke shares his advice on how to progress your plan.
28 September 2022 Features