For those struggling to think of suitable Christmas presents for the farmers in the family, here are five gift ideas that may be a welcome addition to the farm.

New workwear

Winter can be an unpleasant time to be working outdoors, especially when clothing isn’t cut out for the cold and rain.

New work boots, wellingtons with some insulation, or work clothes that are waterproof and thermal lined can make the coldest and wettest weather more bearable.

New calving jack

Spring calving is just weeks away. If the old calving jack has earned its stripes and looking worse for wear, a new jack can be a good investment before the next crop of calves hit the ground.

Calving cameras

For those with a bigger budget, a calving camera can transform the whole process of watching cows for signs of labour.

A good camera that links to a smartphone orTV means cows can be checked from the comfort of the house through the night.

On the occasions when herd owners have to leave the yard for various reasons, cows can also be checked via phone, giving greater reassurance to farmers.

Cattle clippers

Again, for those with a bigger budget, clippers are a useful tool for cattle farmers, especially during the housing period. Clipping weanlings or stores before sale also improves the appearance of cattle and can attract greater buying interest.

Cordless clippers are extremely practical, as they can be used anywhere on the farm. Just make sure you buy a set with spare batteries and a quick re-charge time.

Dehorning iron

There are various methods of dehorning calves, each with their own merit. A handheld dehorning iron is a great tool for removing horn buds in young calves. Again, they are portable and can be used on outfarms with ease.

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