Straw imported from Britain on to the island of Ireland faces post-Brexit rules and checks.

Under the requirements of the Northern Ireland Protocol, it remains within the EU Single Market and regulatory zone for plant health rules.

Straw and hay imports from Britain now require documentary, identity and physical checks.

No phytosanitary certificate is required for straw or hay, but importers must create a Common Health Entry Document (CHED P) on TRACES NT, and submit the required documents at least 24 hours prior to movement to pre-notify DAERA of the consignment’s arrival. Similar protocols apply to straw imports from Britain to the Republic of Ireland. Imports are subject to a documentary check and possibly physical check at the point of entry.

If the consignment does not meet the import requirements, it may be rejected.

Straw and hay moving between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are not subject to these new checks.

In 2019, 7,500t of cereal straw moved southwards, with 5,670t exported from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland.

A further 15,900t was imported from Britain into the Republic of Ireland.