Galway will receive €3,190,085.90 in payments under the 2021 Beef Data and Genomics Programme (BDGP) and is the county with the highest payments.

Dublin receives the lowest percentage of payments from BDPG with €63,558.26 being issued to its farmers.

There are only 27 farmers in BDGP in Dublin versus 1,833 participants in Galway.

Clare and Mayo also benefit heavily in payments, with €2,628,348.07 and €2,261,722.41 respectively.

The Department of Agriculture released these figures shortly after announcing issuing of payments for the scheme.

These payments under the 2021 transitional scheme began issuing on 15 December.

Farmers have until the deadline of 20 December to apply for a further one-year extension for 2022.

Full breakdown of payments