EU - fall in pigmeat exports

EU pigmeat exports were down 145,333t in 2021, a 2.7% decline compared with a 19% increase in 2020 and a 20% increase in 2019.

Paraguay - most exposed to Russia for exports

Paraguay is the most-exposed South American country to Russia for beef exports, taking 9,900t or 22% of total beef exports in January and February 2022 (world beef report).

NZ - milk price increase

Fonterra has lifted its 2021/22 forecast farmgate milk price range to a farmgate range mid-point of NZ$9.60/kg MS, which is the equivalent of 39.6c/l, an increase of almost 4c/l over the past six weeks.

USA - reduced maize harvest forecast

The USDA predicts that its maize area for harvest 2022 will be down 1.5% on 2021, at 37.2Mha. This was due to the potential relative profitability of maize versus soya beans, as the latter does not require nitrogen fertiliser.