Global report: stories from around the world
Phelim O'Neill
Updates from China, New Zealand, India and the FAO meat price index.
11 May 2022 Global trade
Bright future for milk prices
With dairy demand outstripping milk supply, Jack Kennedy went to London to the Dairy Industry Newsletter conference to hear the forecast for milk price for the next five years.
4 May 2022 News
Fonterra expands methane-reducing seaweed trial
Fonterra moves trial of seaweed for reducing methane to an on-farm environment, to see if it can deliver results without impacting milk taste or quality.
Dairy Trends: markets take downward turn
Rising supply combines with global uncertainty to produce a significant drop in this week's GDT auction.
20 April 2022 Markets
Global Report: stories from around the world
News snippets from New Zealand, China, Uruguay and the USA.
30 March 2022 World
Dairy Trends: commodity price bounce continues in Europe
Dairy commodity markets continued with an upward trend, reflecting all the positive mood music in markets of late.
2 March 2022 News
Global Report: stories from around the world
News snippets from New Zealand, United States, European Union and Paraguay.
2 March 2022 World
Fonterra revises milk price upwards for third time
New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra Co-op lifted milk price again this week, as global commodity markets continued an upward trend.
27 February 2022 News
Dairy Trends: New Zealand matches Irish farmgate milk price
The largest milk processor in New Zealand has increased milk price forecast again this week, as dairy demand is strong and supply tight.
26 January 2022 News
Dairy Trends: GDT result will push milk price on further
As Irish milk processors announce December milk prices, the most recent January GDT auction has shot up again.
19 January 2022 News
Global Report: stories from around the world
Snippets on Brazil beef exports, FAO food index, US access to Indian market for pigmeat and Fonterra milk forecast.
12 January 2022 World
Dairy Trends: no big retail milk price increases just yet - supply still tight
Tight milk supplies and farmgate milk price rises have not yet turned into retail price rises.
12 January 2022 News