Brazil looks to host Arab fertiliser plants
Phelim O'Neill
While Brazil's fertiliser need looks to be sorted for this year, the desire to reduce dependence on imports results in overtures to Arab producers.
29 June 2022 News
G7 commits another €4.25bn to food security
While G7 leaders met because of war in Ukraine, there was a low-key response to the issue of the impact on global food security.
25 June 2022 News
Ukraine’s farmers planted ‘more than expected’
While planting and crop yields may be better than expected, Ukrainian farmers say access to export markets needs to be improved if they are to have revenue to plant next year’s crop.
Opinion: the centre must hold
Matthew McConaughey is right, the polarisation of politics only hurts the people in the end - farmers among them.
18 June 2022 Opinion
'When we returned to the farm, we could still hear the shelling and rockets'
As Ukrainian soldiers pushed the Russians back from their positions in Chernihiv oblast, farmers followed to plant wheat and potatoes. One of them, Mykola Gordiychuk, tells his story.
6 June 2022 News
Big Mac exit from Russia
Three decades on from opening the first outlet in Moscow, McDonald’s are leaving the market and looking for a buyer.
18 May 2022 News
Russia destroys national plant gene bank in Ukraine
Russia has destroyed a valuable resource of plant and crop genetic material in Ukraine, having previously used it for the benefit of its own farmers.
18 May 2022 News
Watch: Ukrainian grain lorries waiting up to 30 days at borders
The European Commission has launched an action plan to create “solidarity lanes” for the movement of goods in and out of Ukraine.
13 May 2022 News
Three Russian agri-food cargo ships granted sanction derogations
Any future applications for derogations from sanctions targeting Russia and Belarus will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, the Department of Enterprise has said.
11 May 2022 News
EU moves to phase out Russian oil
As the EU proposes to ban imports of Russia oil, concerns will centre on the potential global fallout.
4 May 2022 News
Watch: Russian missile hits grain store in Ukraine
A Russian missile hits and destroys a grain warehouse in the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine.
3 May 2022 News
Gas prices soar as EU refuses to pay in rouble
European gas prices have soared and settled as first member states refuse to make rouble payments.
27 April 2022 News