It was a good week for…

  • Most farmers who receive Areas of Natural Constraint payments. For 2019, 98% of land remains in the scheme and 2,000 additional townlands will gain entry to it.
  • Cooney Furlong, as it officially opened its new Case dealership, displaying €4.5m worth of machinery.
  • Sheep farmers, as lamb prices increased further this week.
  • Farmers in the EU, as the European Commission cut import tariffs on Russian fertilisers, raising the prospect of more competition in the supply of nitrogen next year.
  • It was a bad week for…

  • Farmers planning to buy cattle tags, as prices have risen for some of them.
  • Dairy farmers, with analysts predicting that milk prices will drop below 30c/l next year.
  • Factories that were hit with a carcase trim fine. These amount to €200 per carcase for cattle not trimmed properly in meat plants.
  • A farmer in Fermanagh, who had an outbreak of botulism on their farm.