Irish Grain Growers (IGG) chair Bobby Miller has urged growers to shop around in order to secure best deals for their produce.

“Buyers want to secure supply as shipping logistics costs are not certain at present and with the uncertainty of yields from across the world, buyers will be keen for Irish grains we believe,” Miller said.

“Look at your options, consider delivering your grain without accepting the harvest price and maybe leave yourself open to negotiation post-harvest.

"Own shed storage, where possible, and if grain is fit for same for a few weeks could pay dividends this year.”

Native grain

Miller has advised growers that local grain will be more valuable to millers, merchants and co-ops this year.

“Apart from the fact that Irish grain is fully traceable, GMO-free [and] with an exceptional carbon footprint, importing costs for shipping feed stuffs are higher than normal and markets are nervous with weather events around the world.

“At this very early stage of the winter barley harvest, yields look above average, moisture excellent, with bushel variable. The picture will become clearer as this week unfolds.

"Demand for straw looks set to be brisk, with straw quality reported excellent to date.

"With the extreme heat, have a plan in place, including water tankers or grubbers in fields where work is in progress, and make sure to check fire extinguishers.”