Tillage management: winter crops will need fertiliser once weather suits
Siobhán Walsh
Tillage farmers have a busy time ahead once weather dries out with fertiliser and sprays due on winter crops, aside from any spring work.
11 February 2024 News
Sulphur, seaweed and potash topping trials at Drummonds
The Drummonds trial site is a great resource for the company’s agronomists and customers to base their advice on.
23 December 2023 News
Where did tillage incomes finish in 2023?
There was a big difference in how tillage farms performed in 2023, with some returning a negative margin and others returning a profit.
Teagasc estimates winter cropping is down over 35,000ha
The cropping area has taken a big hit this year, as weather prevented many winter crops from being planted.
12 December 2023 News
This week in photos: beetroot crop save, flooding and mart action
Check out our top farming photos from around the country this week, as recent bad weather and flooding leaves some farmers with hard choices.
19 November 2023 News
Home Farm: counting the cost of incessant rain
The excess moisture seems to have delayed emergence in most of the affected areas rather than actually drowned the seeds completely but there will be some patches with no crop.
15 November 2023 Viewpoints
Dramatic drop in area planted to winter cereals
Tillage farmers have been struggling against the weather to harvest and plant crops and the winter cereal area now looks to be back significantly.
15 November 2023 News
Winter cereal area unlikely to rebound in 2024
Tillage farmers have been trying to get winter cereals planted in the past few weeks, but rain has been halting progress.
18 October 2023 News
Tillage Management: drills moving in drier areas of the country
Weather continues to make things difficult on tillage farms as farmers still have crops to cut and want to start planting winter cereals.
4 October 2023 Husbandry
Tillage Podcast: declining costs, recommended lists and improving wheat prices
On this week’s show, we talk crop production costs, tillage interim reports, talk to a European potato breeder and, of course, have the grain market and weather reports.
14 September 2023 News
Spoilt for choice on winter barley list
There is plenty of choice on the winter barley recommended list this season, with nine varieties, all with attractive traits to suit different farms.
8 September 2023 News
Home Farm: A few dry days to catch up
While the second cut has been taken a fortnight later than normal, it is still a relief to have the winter fodder supply secured with practically no damage to the ground.
23 August 2023 Viewpoints