ICBF Conference: dairy fertility not sorted yet – sheep health improving
There is still plenty of work still to be done on improving genetics in Irish dairy herds and sheep flocks, write Jack Kennedy and Darren Carty.
Fly control saves time and money
The arrival of sunshine and silage also heralds the arrival of the fly. In cattle infectious keratoconjunctivitis (pink eye) and dry cow mastitis (DCM) are both spread by flies.
Understanding the risks around lungworm
With a confirmed case of lungworm in the regional veterinary labaratory and also anectodal evidence from farmers and vets about lungworm we look at the options around lungworm control this year
Cows eating stones (PICA)
With a suspected case of cows having PICA the journal vet Tommy Heffernan discusses some of the factors that might cause this unusual behaviour