Dairy Management: drought like conditions return
Aidan Brennan
Farmers in parts of the country suffering from the dry spell should use what grass they have or face losing it.
29 June 2022 Community
Macra Agricultural Skillnet news
Macra Agricultural Skillnet has developed a wide-ranging programme of training events, further education and development opportunities.
6 April 2022 Beef breeding
Ten tips for giving the stock bull a pre-breeding check
The breeding season is six to eight weeks away for many spring-calving herds, so bulls should be checked over to ensure they are fit to serve cows. Kieran Mailey outlines some pre-breeding checks.
10 tips to checking over the stock bull before breeding
Although farmers are in the midst of spring calving, it is time to give the stock bull his annual check-up in advance of the breeding season.
29 March 2022 Management
Gerry Boyle: research investment needed to reduce emissions
'Once that new technology becomes embedded in practice, it yields dividends for several years after its development' – Gerry Boyle
23 March 2022 Opinion
So you want to be a horse vet?
Not initially on the path to veterinary, Orla McGlynn discovered her calling to become a vet working her side-hustle student job.
27 February 2022 Feature
Sheep management: dealing with weather-related challenges and Footvax vaccine
Two storms occurring in quick succession is compounding what has been a challenging few weeks for farmers lambing or finishing lambs.
16 February 2022 Management