Norbrook Laboratories is advising farmers in Ireland of important changes to withdrawal dates and routes of administration for two commonly used antibiotics – Betamox LA 150mg/ml Suspension for Injection (Amoxicillin 150mg) and Alamycin LA 200mg/ml Solution for Injection.

Looking at Betamox LA 150mg/ml first, withdrawal dates have changed across all species for which the injection is licensed for use.

Table 1 summarises the changes with withdrawal dates typically doubling for sheep and cattle (increased from 14 to 29 days for sheep and 21 to 39 days for cattle) while the withdrawal date has trebled from 14 days to 42 days for pigs.

The withdrawal date for use in bovines which are producing milk for human consumption has increased from 48 hours to 108 hours, or 4.5 days.

Those administering the product also need to take note the route of administration for cattle, pigs and sheep is now restricted to intramuscular injection only. The maximum volume of product that can be administered at an injection site has also changed and this is also detailed in Table 1.

Norbrook Laboratories advise that the changes take effect with immediate effect pending the availability of new stock with updated labelling and are asking producers to respect the new withdrawal dates and methods of administration.

The company advises that Alamycin® LA 200 mg/ml solution for injection has been reformulated and that this change has led to an extension of the withdrawal periods for the product in cattle, pigs and sheep.

As detailed in Table 2, the withdrawal date in the newly formulated product has increased from 28 days to 35 in cattle producing meat for human consumption, from seven days to 20 days in sheep and from 14 days to 20 days in pigs. With regards animals producing milk for human consumption, the withdrawal date has increased from seven to eight days for bovines and from six days to eight days for sheep.

Norbrook Laboratories advises that the new formulation will be presented in the coming weeks in updated labelling, reflecting the longer withdrawal periods. They are asking producers to be mindful of the change and to respect the longer withdrawal dates on the product labelling. Those using the old product can continue to abide by those withdrawal dates.

Anyone seeking further information or advice is encouraged to contact Norbrook Laboratories in Monaghan on 047-81655.