Irish people have the highest daily intake of fruit and vegetables in the EU.

A study conducted by Eurostat has found that some 33% of the Irish population eat fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.

The Netherlands is hot on our heels, however, with 30% of its population getting fruit and vegetables into their diets every day.

Denmark and France follow closely with 23% and 20% respectively.

The study also found that in 2019, one in three people in the EU didn’t consume any fruit or vegetables on a daily basis.


Romania had the lowest daily intake - only 2% of the population ate at least five portions of fruit and vegetables, followed by Bulgaria and Slovenia (both 5%) and Austria at 6%.

The study also found that only 12% of the population consumed the recommended five portions or more daily.

According to the study, over half of the EU population (55%) said they ate between one and four portions of fruit and vegetables daily on average.

Women’s daily intake of fruit and vegetables is higher than that of men.

On average, 58% of women reported eating one to four portions compared to 51% for men.

The same was true for a daily intake of five portions or more (15% v 10%).

The survey also showed that more men than women reported skipping their fruit and vegetable intake altogether (39% v 27%).