Climate and environment
IFJ Junior: Supporting Irish vegetable growers and producers
Siobhán Walsh
It is very important that we support Irish growers and producers by buying Irish and buying in season.
1 November 2023 Dealer
Ireland's vegetable sector is a basket case
If steps aren't taken to protect vegetable growers, the sector is vulnerable to the vagaries of weather and yields.
25 October 2023 News
Retailers need to understand risks growers take - Teagasc
Teagasc director Frank O'Mara said that retailers should work with growers to accommodate the "vagaries of climate".
Fairness must be restored to Irish horticulture sector
"The action in the National Horticulture Strategy must be implemented; if not, empty supermarket shelves which we experienced at times this year will become the new norm" - IFA president.
25 October 2023 Community
Consumers changing what they eat
The narrative is that Irish farmers need to change from the traditional meat and milk production to alternatives, such as vegetable growing.
25 October 2023 Viewpoints
Fruit and veg growers seek share of EU crisis reserve funds
Government was awarded €9.5m of EU crisis funds - which can be co-funded with another 200% of national funds - that horticulture growers say is needed urgently for their sector.
3 October 2023 News
Lidl Ireland promoted UK vegetables using Bord Bia QA mark
Bord Bia is investigating a retailer for potentially misusing its logo on promotional materials, but it could not name the retailer under investigation.
6 September 2023 News
Bord Bia investigating use of QA mark in adverts for non-Irish foods
The Bord Bia logo can only be used when the whole product line being promoted is Bord Bia quality assured.
5 September 2023 News
Lidl labels vegetables as Irish on shelves despite UK origin
It had claimed the issue occurred at one Co Dublin store, but further incidences of the disparity was documented by the Irish Farmers Journal.
5 September 2023 News
Export demand for organic beef to ramp up by 2025 – Bord Bia
Confidence of a strong export market for organic produce was voiced by Bord Bia's Emmet Doyle at the energy and farm business show in Gurteen last week.
26 July 2023 News
74% of consumers say locally-grown vegetables are worth paying more for
Bord Bia is encouraging consumers to support local growers by purchasing fresh, local, in-season fruit and vegetables.
19 July 2023 News
Hort demo highlights: Pöttinger Rotocare V6600
Pöttinger demonstrated its versatile Rotocare V6600 6.6m rotary hoe in the mechanical weed control demonstration as part of the recent Crops and Cover Crop Cultivations event.
5 July 2023 News