Farm Programmes
The Creamery reimagined in Co Leitrim
Brendan Dunford
One multigenerational Leitrim farm family are using their complementary skillsets to create a very special rural enterprise, writes Brendan Dunford.
Leading on sustainability in Co Limerick
Gearóid Maher’s approach to farming shows how social and environmental sustainability can underpin a profitable dairy enterprise, writes Brendan Dunford.
Pedigree cattle and pollinators in Kildare
The Pollinators EIP Project is a valuable reminder of the role farmers play in integrating biodiversity into farming practice, writes Brendan Dunford.
Searching for a model that works in Co Kerry
Tommy Reidy’s farming journey is a case study on how being open-minded, resourceful and relevant can unlock a farm’s hidden assets and offer a pathway back to the land for young, part-time farmers.
A journey into ‘silvoarable’ farming in Co Carlow
Jack Browne’s vision for his farm, and his courage and conviction in realising it, offers a terrific learning experience for a future where innovation, diversification and adaptation will be crucial.
17 April 2024 Footprint Farmers
Social sustainability in south Galway
'When you add it all up, this family farm enterprise offers way more of a "social dividend" than we usually give such enterprises credit for,' writes Brendan Dunford.
3 April 2024 Footprint Farmers
Joined-up thinking on a fragmented holding in Co Antrim
David McBride blurs the false line between farmer and ‘environmentalist’, his love of farming and focus on profit resting easily with a lifelong interest in ornithology, writes Brendan Dunford.
20 March 2024 Footprint Farmers