Key farm schemes, such as GLAS, ANC, BDGP and the Sheep Welfare Scheme, which bolster farm incomes will be rolled over into next year under Budget 2022, the Irish Farmers Journal can reveal.

The schemes are worth over €630m to farmers.

The amount of funding per scheme has yet to be confirmed, but it is likely that the allocations will be similar to what they were this year.

In that case, some €45m will be needed to rollover the BDGP scheme, €40m for the BEEP-S scheme and at least €17m for the Sheep Welfare Scheme.

Funding for ANCs this year stood at €250m, the Organic Farming Scheme had a €16m spend and TAMS had an allocation of €80m.

Tillage farmers will be seeking the rollover of the Straw Incorporation Scheme, which had €10m in funding this year.

Grant scheme for multispecies swards

The Irish Farmers Journal also understands that there is to be a new grant scheme for multispecies swards to cover in the region of 20,000ha.

Further funding under the wildlife measures under the TB programme will also be announced as part of Budget 2022.

Farm organisations had called for increased funding for schemes such at the ANC, an increased payment of €30 per head under the Sheep Welfare Scheme and a range of other new schemes.

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