The Teagasc 2020 National Tillage Conference takes place on Wednesday 29 January and will focus on minimising risk while promoting sustainability.

The tillage sector is the lowest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in Irish agriculture, but, despite this, the sector faces significant risks through the loss of important chemistries for pest/pathogen control and the need to further enhance sustainable practices.

Key outputs

In response, this year’s conference will provide updates on key outputs from research investigating the management of fungal and viral cereal diseases, plus the importance of genetics in breeding more nutrient-efficient stress-resilient varieties.

The conference will also explore the role of cover crops in meeting the demands of future sustainability goals, as will the rotational options heading into spring 2020.

Finally, a specific workshop will see the launch of the next-generation Teagasc Crop Report and online platform, which allows access to agronomist strategies, the latest research and collated ag-chemical product information.


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