Ground conditions most important when planting beans
Siobhán Walsh
Beans are a really good option for growers as they provide a break crop in the rotation and do not require any artificial nitrogen.
7 February 2024 Crops
Is wheat the future for the Irish distilling sector?
Diverse domestic grains are being examined to see if they provide an opportunity for the Irish drinks industry in a collaboration between SETU and Teagasc.
7 February 2024 Crops
The potential to increase the value of Irish protein crops
Research is ongoing to create new valorisation opportunities for Irish pulses.
To replant or not to replant?
Thin winter crops need to be assessed in the coming weeks before action is taken.
7 February 2024 Crops
Keep crop rotation in mind this spring
The Teagasc National Tillage Conference heard of the importance of crop rotation last week.
6 February 2024 News
Cork tillage farmer charging to take slurry from livestock
This Co Cork tillage farmer has invested a lot on his farm to take in slurry from livestock farms to be spread on his tillage land.
4 February 2024 News
Tillage Podcast: payments and counting plants, crops and carbon
On this week’s Tillage Podcast, we have advice for farmers on what to do with poorly established crops.
1 February 2024 News
Teagasc releases its first carbon footprint figures for Irish grain
The first carbon footprint figures from Teagasc for Irish grain were detailed at the National Tillage conference this week. It’s big news for Irish tillage.
31 January 2024 News
Irish grain has much lower carbon footprint than South American maize
This is good news for Irish tillage farmers, who should be able to calculate the carbon footprint of their grain.
31 January 2024 News
Weather washing winter planting window away
Wet weather continues to dominate and, as a result, the amount of winter wheat which has been planted in January and February is tiny.
31 January 2024 News
Only 62% of winter crops planted
Tillage farmers faced a wet harvest and wet autumn and winter, which has led to a decrease in the area of winter crops planted for the second year in a row.
31 January 2024 News
Teagasc tillage conference to focus on planning for 2024
There will be a dedicated session which will describe the potential for domestically sourced cereal to support a strongly branded and now diverse drinks industry.
19 January 2024 News