DEAR SIR: I have been an Aurivo milk supplier all my life. We are shareholders and trade with the stores and the mill.

I have watched on as the co-op management has withdrawn from the milk price review and listened to both sides argue their positions and now we have had an expert group come down on the side of the Irish Farmers Journal.

I don’t believe the co-op has any grounds to refuse to participate in the milk league, but who am I to tell them what to do.

A fair vote

But I do believe in democracy and I believe, as a co-op owned by the people who supply the milk, we the shareholders should be allowed an independent vote. Send out a ballot paper and let the silent majority decide and let an independent group count the votes – it’s only about 1,000 votes altogether.

The milk league told us where we stood on milk price and even though we were constantly ranked in the bottom third, we accepted it as true – now, we have no idea. It is a small thing to ask.

So, if you, the management of Aurivo, feel you are right, you shouldn’t be afraid to allow us democracy – it’s a precious thing that is denied to millions.

I want my say.