The theme for this year's International Women's Day is #EachforEqual.

We celebrate women's achievements and help challenge stereotypes.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we profile 10 women who are taking Instagram by storm to promote Irish agriculture.

1. Joanne Devaney

Sligo woman and sheep farmer Joanne Devaney has a personal best record for shearing 213 sheep in one day.

You can be sure Joanne's Instagram account will be full of activity come this summer when the sheep enthusiast will be heading off on the shearing circuit.

2. Alison Daly

Meath native Alison Daly works alongside her father on their dairy and sheep farm in Clonard.

Alison's Instagram account positively promotes Irish agriculture and will take you through the daily happenings on her Meath farm.

3. Emma McCormack

Twenty-three-year-old farming enthusiast Emma has a keen interest in all things agriculture.

Hailing from a beef and sheep farm in Westmeath, you can also find her working on a neighbouring dairy enterprise.

4. Hazel Mullins

If you have any interest in the veterinary world, then you need to head over to Instagram and follow Cork vet Hazel Mullins.

Hazel's Instagram account has everything from farming to fashion, to calving and case studies.

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The golden hour... i.e post evening milking!! A good time for a scanning cow selfie!! On a serious note #breeding19 is upon us so it means another busy time for vets, farmers and don’t forget your sleep deprived AI man ??! A little planning goes along way... . Preparation is everything for the 2019 breeding season so a scanning session can highlight problem cows and also detect abnormalities such as cysts (follicular/ luteal) , infection (endometritis) or even forgotten freemartins (infertile heifer twin calf born with a male calf-hormonal indifference)? Scanning all cows is gold standard prior to breeding but at this stage in the season choosing the right cows to present for scanning is vital for improving conception rates. ?? ?? ??Any cow >35 days calves and not seen bulling ?? ?? ??Any cow with a history of metritis/retained placenta, LDA, milk fever or difficult calving ie. problem cows ?? ?? ??Any late calving cows> 30d - in order to enter them into a a good fixed time AI synchronisation program ?? ?? Nutrition is vital also and cows should be on a rising plane of nutrition in order to be >2.75 Body condition score. Any cow under this should be considered for once a day milking but twice a day feed to prioritise weight gain until bred. Heifers should be 60% of their mature adult weight when bred!! ?? Synchronisation programs for non cycling cows/ heifers are becoming very popular and help to tighten the 6 week calving interval in the upcoming spring. Fixed time Ai is getting more popular as it reduces the time needed for heat detection . Lots of options available so discuss with your vet what best suits your farm and make sure to take it easy on poor Mr. Bull, as he can become a little overwhelmed. ????!! #breeding19 #goldenhourselfie #bcfscanning #whoneedscoachella #breedingseason2019 #scanningcows #prebreeding #bovinevet #cowvet #udderthoughts

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5. Maighread Barron

Since finishing a dairy business degree in UCD, Waterford dairy farmer Maighread Barron has leased her own farm in the Déise.

Maighread's Instagram account documents the highs and lows of running her business.

Keep an eye out for the second part of this article later on Sunday.

Happy International Women's Day to all our readers and followers.

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