Dempsey at Large: an outstanding summary of work in beef
Matt Dempsey
The value of knowing the commercial breeding value of bought-in dairy beef stores is becoming critical for profitability.
Technology Villages at BEEF 2024
Paul Crosson takes a look at some of technology villages at BEEF 2024
High-end weanling producer averaging €1,700 for export-type calves
Martin Shaughnessy has a typical size herd for the west of Ireland, but what is far from typical is the high-end stock he produces on it.
Beef Management: grass quality and when to dose for worms
Adam Woods takes a look at keeping grass quality up and when to go in with the first summer dose at grass.
22 May 2024 Management
When and how to wean dairy beef calves
Adam Woods takes a look at some of the details around weaning dairy calves off milk and making sure there is no growth setbacks in the process
15 May 2024 Grass & feeding
Delayed turnout costing thousands
Adam Woods takes a look at the effect the current weather is having in terms of costs on beef farms.
13 March 2024 Management
Have finishing cattle feed and lying space?
Space requirements for feeding and lying have a big bearing on daily liveweight gain during the final intensive finishing period.
12 March 2024 Management
Easing weanlings and stores off meal before turnout
Cutting meal levels before turning cattle out to grass can help animals transition on to a spring grazing diet.
20 February 2024 Management