The level of disruption caused by the French ban on UK freight and travel could be very damaging for the movement of stock off farms, IFA president Tim Cullinan has said.

The IFA has raised concerns around the impact of border closures on the movement of Irish exports and the backlog of trucks which are currently being denied access to the continent.

Cullinan has said he will be contacting Taoiseach Micheál Martin and asking him to intervene at EU level to clear any bottlenecks in the system.

“The problems with the orderly movement of goods underlines the importance of securing an agreement in the Brexit talks that avoids a no-deal scenario.”


Meanwhile, ICMSA president Pat McCormack said that the essential nature of food products must differentiate them from other cargo trapped in the current standstill.

“Obviously we’re cognisant of the over-riding health issues, but we do think that arrangements could be made that recognise the priority of food over other less-important commodities.

“It seems very odd that perishable food can be trapped in tailbacks or lorry parks alongside completely non-perishables, while at the same time we read that UK supermarkets are now issuing warnings about running out of certain foods.”

The ICMSA has called for British and EU authorities to organise a system that minimises the health risk but ensures food export continuity.

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