A number of vacancies for TB testers have been advertised in England after the UK Government’s Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) decided to roll out the use of approved tuberculin testers (ATTs) to private veterinary practices.

A small number of ATTs have been used by the APHA since 2005 to conduct skin tests under the direction of an official government vet. However, following a pilot study, it has been decided to allow private vets to also utilise ATTs.

During the pilot, feedback was gathered from participating ATTs, vets and farmers. According to the APHA, the responses received were “overwhelmingly positive from all parties, particularly farmers”.

Among those currently looking to recruit TB testers is Torch Farm Vets in the southwest of England. It anticipates that training under the direct supervision of an approved vet will take approximately four months. The salary is advertised as £28,000 per annum (after 12 months) for four days’ work per week. An applicant must have a driving licence and have at least “12 months cattle handling experience”.

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