IFA president Joe Healy has called on Meat Industry Ireland to “forget about court injunctions” and get back talking to farmers.

“Our message is very clear – the solving of this isn’t in the High Court in Dublin,” Healy said.

“It’s not in court anywhere in the country. And I would say to Meat Industry Ireland forget about the court issues or the injunctions or the committal orders, and get back talking to farmers and delivering for farmers what they want and that’s a realistic price and a price that will allow those farmers to continue to produce the top-quality product that they are producing.”

Healy was speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal following the High Court hearing this morning in which temporary court injunctions secured by ABP, Dawn Meats and Slaney Foods were made permanent.

However, the factories agreed that they would not seek costs from the farmers named.

Legal help

Healy also offered legal help to farmers who were subject to court proceedings.

The IFA’s legal team represented farmers who were named on several of the injunctions issued earlier this week.

Among those to be represented by the IFA was a group of Wexford farmers who attended the High Court this morning in person.

“[The] IFA are there to help them and to make our legal team and our legal service available to them because I just want our message to the farmers is not to feel alone if they are served with those injunctions,” Healy said.

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