The latest live export figures reported for the week ending 27 March were recorded at 19,300 head. This is by far the highest weekly exports in 2022 and is underpinned by calf exports reaching 14,460 head and boosted by 1,534 cattle exported to Libya and 1,601 cattle exported live to Jordan.

The Dutch market continues to dominate demand for calves and accounted for 9,150 head, or some 63% of calf exports, in that week.

Spain remains the next most important market and imported 4,215 calves, while there were 851 head exported to Italy and 242 to Northern Ireland.

Exports of finished cattle to Northern Ireland are running behind 2021 levels but still significant with 590 cattle crossing the border aged over 21 months, 93 store cattle (12 to 21 months) and 87 head aged six to 12 months old.

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