Arable farmers continue to report low demand for straw as harvesting of spring cereals draws to a close.

Prices for round bales of barley straw continue to hover around £18 to £19 collected in the field.

Square 8x4x3 bales of barley straw are selling out of the field around the £40 mark, or £45 delivered.

Farmers sourcing larger 8x4x4 bales indicate prices around the £60 mark delivered, with most reports indicating such bales are being sourced in the Republic of Ireland.

The lack of buying interest has led many farmers to store barley straw in anticipation of an upturn in demand this winter.

Others have decided to chop a significant proportion of straw when harvesting spring crops, partly due to low demand, but also to recycle phosphate and potash in straw back into the ground.

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